My Quest begins……

My quest was simple, or so I thought. It was to 3D print in full color all the items from the original Legend of Zelda.

Here is a remake of the intro from the original Legend of Zelda displaying the items.  Great job to the author Justin Berman!

I selected my 3D modeling software, and reviewed the Full Color Sandstone material guidelines.  My quest had begun. After hour upon hour, day after day of staring at my computer endlessly clicking and shaping I was about half done. But I couldn’t stop now halfway through.  A little break to play the game of my inspiration and then back to work click by click until there it was rendered and ready to 3D print.


When it arrived and I beheld the box, I immediately thought, ok, hope this was worth it. As I began to unwrap, each piece in its 3D brilliance brought back a flood of memories from my childhood of playing the golden game.  Each time I had collected each of these items from their various hiding places and dungeons I had wanted to hold them and now finally I could.   I held the wooden sword in my hand and I said, this is it, the sword that started it all, the very first sword that we witnessed Link yielding. I was satisfied with the results and was ready to share them with you, my fellow Zelda fans.


_MG_6077-2 _MG_6094-2 _MG_6371_2 _MG_6058 _MG_6363-2 _MG_6030-2 _MG_6035-2 _MG_6195 _MG_6221 _MG_6075_2 _MG_6249 _MG_6038 _MG_6044_2 _MG_6279 _MG_6265 _MG_6177 _MG_6349-2 _MG_6156_2 _MG_6171 _MG_6110 _MG_6359 _MG_6202-3 _MG_6186 _MG_6149 _MG_6140 _MG_6103 _MG_6239 _MG_6129 _MG_6055 _MG_6047-2 _MG_6330 _MG_6324

The potions (or water of life as they are known in TLoZ game manual) are still a work in progress because 3D printable clear materials are expensive to say the least and translucent ones simply will not do the potions justice.  Currently I am working on DIY method to cast a clear bottle around the 3D printed liquid. Stay tuned! For this reason I carry the complete item set and quarter sets with and without the potion liquids. When they are done they will look like this.  (minus the wavy rendered glass).


Arrows are too small to be printed in the full color sandstone material and must be printed in other materials. I printed them in a material call Frosted Ultra Detail. This material is a little expensive so I suggest the material White Strong and Flexible Plastic.


I will be painting mine shortly, pictures to come!

Well that’s the whole set all 32 items, and no a fairy is not an item until it is trapped in a bottle.

Because of how 3D printer services calculate price, I have divided the set into various combinations to accommodate any budget. You can also visit my full shop here.

Complete Set

Quarter Sets

Duos / Trios etc.




I will be blogging about each item individually, discussing the reasons why I designed it the way I did and if it has it origins in another game.  On the 25th Anniversary Nintendo released the official timeline in a book called the Hyrule Historia.


It explains how all the games fit together in a split timeline. It’s definitely worth picking up a copy of.

Zelda Timelines


Youtuber EligibleMonster has recently started a video series that will explain the whole timeline game by game with footage from the actual games. His first video was just released!

If you plan on playing Skyward Sword SPOILER ALERT!

If you reading this and have never played the original Legend of Zelda, it’s worth a go. If you’re a fan of Zelda titles and have never played the original, it’s about time. If you played the original and never beat the game (the clues are in the game manual) and need a little help and want to save time. Here is a walkthrough that will help. There now, no one has any excuse not to take the time to play this classic.

I’m also excited that the new Zelda game for the 3DS will take place in the same timeline as the original!

Our adventure with 3D printing and Zelda is just beginning!

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  1. These are so cool. Great work. Can you tell me, what is the size of these items?

  2. I’m curious to know: Which 3D modeling application did you use?

    • Actually we will be going over that in a blog post. Follow me by email or twitter to find out when I post. I’ll give you a hint though it’s no longer available, so sadly I will need to choose another.

  3. It’s amazing to pay a visit this web page and reading the views of all mates concerning this piece of writing, while I am also eager of getting experience.

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