Understanding Basic 3D Printing……..

Before you can understand how the Zelda fan art miniatures were printed in full color, you are going to have to understand the basics of 3D Printing.

No matter what material the object will me made of or what 3D printing method is used, they all share one thing in common- all objects that are 3D printed are built in thin essentially 2D layers until the 3D object is completed.

For Example let’s say we wanted to print this Mayan Themed Planter:


Remember no matter if we wanted to print this in Plastic, Metal, or Full Color Sandstone, the way in which it will be formed is basically the same. One 2D layer will be built up at a time, until the 3D object is completed.

Here’s an animation to visualize what I’ve been talking about.

Notice that the planter has a drainage hole built in, pretty cool! (Watch the video again if you did not see it!)

Here’s the object printed in plastic.


Here’s the file to the Mayan Planter in case those of you that have access to a 3D printer want to print it. Mayan Planter

Stay tuned for more posts on 3D printing. we will be going over all materials and methods as well as software and comparisons of online printing services.

Item Update:

After seeing the finished arrows, some of you requested that I upload a single arrow and allow it to be printed in silver  so that you could have a real silver arrow!

I’ve done as you asked and now you can print the single arrow model in stainless

steel and silver.

1 Arrow

Preview of Materials

Silver  silver Silver Glossy  silver_glossy Premium Silver swatch-premium-silver-2013030403

Stainless Steel metal_stainless_steel

Until Wednesday!


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