It Starts With a Shield…….

Some of you may think the very first Legend of Zelda starts with a sword. Nope! You are in a forest with just a shield when Impa finds you.

_MG_6058_MG_6064 _MG_6065

A very unusual shield I might add. Both of the shields in the original Legend of Zelda contain crosses while no others do. The design for the beginning shield was taken from the game image. Here is Link recreated as 8 bit fan art with the shield.


Notice how the shield is flat on the bottom and beveled on the top. This is why I designed the 3D printed shield as such. This shield is never seen again in any other Zelda games.


Remember at this point in the timeline “the world in in an age of chaos”, the land of Hyrule has been decimated by Ganon’s evil forces. This game also takes place in what is known as the downfall timeline. In the Ocarina of Time Link dies and this timeline is created starting with A Link to the Past.


There is no castle, no village; the few people there all live in caves. This is truly far from the Hyrule of previous ages and other timelines. Hyrule at this time is really in decline. Will it ever rise again in this timeline? Sounds like a great stroy line to me!

Since I post three times a week, you are probably wondering how I will determine if the third post will be Zelda related or 3D printing related.

Stay tuned to find out how we will decide!!


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