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triforce coin

Sword (Wooden)



I designed this sword to look almost exactly like the 8 bit image. However, I added one detail that gives a clue on what I believe to be its origin.

If you are not a die-hard Zelda fan, what’s below may seem confusing. I have added links to the Zelda Wiki to help you out.

Spoiler Alert on:

Oracle of Ages


Oracle of Seasons



As you can see, a symbol resembling a Deku Leaf appears at the bottom of the sword. Why a Deku Leaf? If you look through the Zelda Timeline for other wooden swords, you will find two. One exists within the downfall timeline and one exists outside of it. One appears in the games Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons (I count this as one sword, you will see why). Remember these two games do not take place in Hyrule but in Labrynna and Holodrum. These two worlds seem to be connected as they share almost all the same items. They also share much of the same basic geography as Hyrule.  However, many believe they are different continents on the same planet as Hyrule.  My theory is different and explains why they share these similarities.  At the beginning of both games Link is teleported to Labrynna or Holodrum by the Triforce. However, if you look at the beginning of both games they are not exactly the same. Let’s just focus on the color of the energy that is used to teleport Link to either land.  In Oracle of Ages, the teleportation energy is blue. In Oracle of Seasons, the teleportation energy is red. The videos are below. Take a minute to take it all in and watch them.

So, in Zelda, what do colors give clues to? The answer is the three goddesses that formed the Triforce. Blue is for Nayru (goddess), red is for Din (goddess), and green for Farore. Interestingly, in The Oracle of Ages you meet a character named Nayru (Oracle) and are teleported to the land of Labrynna with blue energy. In Oracle of Seasons you meet a character named Din (Oracle) and are teleported to the land of Holodrum with red energy. In my theory, Link is sent to two different dimensions – one where Nayru is not a goddess and the other where Din is not a goddess (yet?, ever?). The Triforce does this because the witches known as Twinrova have also traveled to these dimensions to gather power from the two goddesses in their mortal form in order to resurrect Ganon and bring him back to the dimension containing the Triforce. This is revealed in the linked ending of the two games.

What does this have to do with the wooden sword?

As the Oracle games take place in parallel dimensions, it cannot be the same wood sword that appears in the original Legend of Zelda. The appearance is also not similar. However, they do give a clue to the origin of the wooden sword. In Oracle of Seasons you must use the sword to wake the Maku Tree. Are Maku Trees just what they call Deku Trees in these other dimensions? I think so – they are both talking trees! This is another clue that events are taking place in different dimensions.

This means that in the dimension that contains Hyrule the wooden sword is most likely related to the Deku Tree just as in the parallel dimension it is related to the Maku Tree. That combined with the fact they are made of wood is why I placed the Deku Leaf on the end of the sword.

The Deku Tree is dead in the original Legend of Zelda?

He or she’s trunk has been hollowed out and it now serves as an entrance to the Eagle, the first of Ganon’s dungeons.


In this game the wooden sword is a reminder of times past when nature was a controlling part of the world with the Deku Tree at it’s very heart.


FYI the other wooden sword is in Twilight Princess and is not related to the sword in the original Legend of Zelda. But may be a reminder of the Deku Tree as it does not appear in Twilight Princess alive, but most probably as the forest temple.

Nintendo is releasing both games on the 3DS very soon!!!!

You may have noticed, at the top of this post, a 3D printed coin with the Triforce on it. This coin is how I will determine whether the Friday post will be 3D printer related or Zelda related. The coin was printed on a personal 3D printer rather than a professional like the Zelda Fan Art Miniatures.  It was painted with acrylic paint after printing.

3d cointriforce coin

On Monday we will start fresh with another 3D printing post!


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