The Bomb

There is an item that is found in every single Zelda game – the bomb. Nothing clears away debris blocking a secret cave like one of these babies. In some games they resemble flowers and are sometimes picked, however, in the downfall timeline all bombs have that classic shape. Except in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons which I blogged about before not taking place in the same dimension. The design for the miniature was modeled to resemble the 8 bit bomb found in the game.

_MG_6075 _MG_6073-2  Zelda bomb

While we have not yet discussed Full Color Sandstone 3D printing, a feature on the bomb will give you some insight into this printing method. The wick on the bomb is just slightly larger than the smallest possible free standing feature that can be constructed on this type of printer.  I made it a little bit larger to further prevent it from breaking.

Today I would like to show you one of the fan art pieces that inspired me to make this set. After thinking about and researching this project, I saw this piece of fan art. I like 8 bit art like this and wanted to take the spirit it embodies and bring it into three dimensions.


Also, Youtuber Eligible Monster has recently created the second part of his video series, which will explain the entire Zelda timeline (part 1). Let’s Watch!! See you on Friday for a mystery post!


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