The Blue Candle, careful don’t burn yourself!

The Blue Candle can be found in the northern part of the map in a shop. Once acquired, you have the ability to set bushes and even enemies on fire (But only once per screen :-()!

Again, I am discussing the items in the order they appear in the game.

Here’s a map from Zelda Dungeon’s walkthrough, in case you are totally lost.


As far as other candles in the Zelda timeline, there are not any. Apparently the red candle from the Original Legend of Zelda survives and makes an appearance in The Adventures of Link. Candles appear in no other Zelda games. However, the lantern does appear in many of the games throughout the timeline. Perhaps the magic that created the candles and lanterns are somehow connected.

Inspiration for the blue candle was taken from both the 8 bit image and the game manual (both can be seen below).

026 BlueCandleArtworkBlueCandle-Z1

The most challenging part of this piece was creating the dripping wax effect and the floating handle.


Today we will be viewing part four of the video series that will explain the entire Zelda timeline!

See you on Friday for a mystery post!


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