The Magical Shield, Comes With Protection From Fire And Magic!!!

triforce coin

At this point in the game your ready to buy a magical shield.  This shield can protect Link against fireball and magic attacks. This shield also appears in The Adventures of Link as the only shield.

_MG_6363-2_MG_6365 _MG_6370

I designed the shield to resemble a combination of the 8 bit image and the game manual. I went with a red cross as all the art from the time also depicts the shield in this manner.

MagicalShieldArtwork MagicalShield    Link_(Underworld_Connections)

Be careful with your Magical Shield we do not offer Like-Like theft insurance!

LikeLike_Thumb LikeLike3

Today I leave you with one of my favorite fan art videos, The Legend of Zelda: Real Life.


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