Shapeways online 3D printing at its best!

Don’t want to buy a 3D printer. No problem you don’t have to, thanks to online 3D printing.

There are four major companies that offer online 3D printing services today will be looking at one of them.




New York, NY

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Ships from inside USA?  Yes (This is important as it is an added cost factor)


shapeways material

Public Material Prices? Yes!!! (That’s right some companies will not give you the pricing of a material until you upload an object, not Shapeways!!!)

Pricing: Shapeways has the cheapest 3D printing prices I have seen online.

Online Shops: Yes (Check out mine here)

Strengths: Cheap prices, excellent interface, and  great customer service. Before they add new material they thoroughly test it and make sure the customer will be satisfied.

Improvements: None at this time! Shapeways seems to be well ahead of the other companies in bringing 3D printing to the masses. Keep it up!!

Experience with Customer Support: Awesome! They are very helpful and prompt!


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  1. 3D printing services has really made it to the echelon point where the method is taken as the best way to ascertain the appreciation of a particular product.

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