The Magical Clock, make time stand still

The Magical Clock stops time for all enemies on the screen, however it is so much more. While it never makes an appearance in any other game. It foreshadows a theme that will become very important in the Zelda game series – time. The clock design was based on a combination of the 8 bit and game manual images. I placed extra support around the winding stem, to ensure it would not break. It should be noted that the clock is also mentioned in The Shadow Prince, a 1992 choose your own adventure book based on the Legend of Zelda.

_MG_6055ClockSprite ClockLoZ

If you have been reading my blog or keeping up with Zelda you know that time alteration and multiple parallel timelines are part of the story now . While according to the creators this was not the original plan, I’m glad it ended up being this way. Why? Because time travel could actually exist, not to mention parallel universes. Don’t believe me? Meet Dr. Michio Kaku – he is a theoretical physicist and professor at the City College of New York.

So just remember we might be living in a story containing multiple timelines as well.



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