Blue Ring, was 250 rupees now just $10

Blue Ring

It’s time to go get the blue ring. It will cut all damage you take in half. The shop for the blue ring is hidden under an armos.



The blue ring’s origin can be traced back to the games Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. (Read my post about these two games) When Link returned to Hyrule after his adventures in Holodrum and Labrynna, he must have brought the blue ring with him. Before he set off on his ship in Link’s Awakening, he must have left the ring in Hyrule. It was lost in time until it ended up being found in the original Legend of Zelda. Inspiration for the miniature came from both the 8 bit image and the game manual.

_MG_6110_MG_6116 _MG_6121

BlueRingLoZ Blue_Ring

In one picture the band is blue while in the other gold, so I combined them. The game manual image has two colors in the gem, so I swirled them together to visualize the power of the blue ring.


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