3D Printer Spotlight: Replicator 2

The Replicator 2 is one of the most reliable FDM 3D printers on the market.


Company: MakerBot now owned by Stratasys

Material Used: PLA

Filament Width: 1.75mm

Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm (Basically the width of the extruded plastic.)

Bed Size: 11.2 L x 6.0 W x 6.1 H in [28.5 x 15.3 x 15.5 cm] (Basically the maximum size a printed object can be.)

Z Layer Resolution: 0.1mm (This is the thickness of the essentially 2D layers.)

Cost (Assembled):  $2199

Cost (Kit): NA

Pros: Extremely reliable compared to other 3D printers. Therefore less maintenance is required.

Cons: Very expensive. Does not come in a kit. 3D printers from MakerBot are no longer open source. Can only print in PLA.

Printing Video:


mb-rep2-features-1 0makerbot91903 Replicator-2-1112-de


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