123D Design, all hail Autodesk the conqueror

Autodesk has been coming up with some pretty cool free software lately. Today we will be reviewing Autodesk 123D Design.  Remember, Autodesk also purchased Tinkercad and are partners with Makerbot. Did I mention they also own Instructables? Geez, who’s next?  The tools in this program are a little more complicated than Tinkercad. There are more diverse tools and a wider variety of coloring options. However, unlike Tinkercad, this application is not confined to the web – you can run it on your Mac, PC, and Ipad! Though GUI is different depending on what device you’re running it on.


I also find the web interface to be a little slower and buggier than Tinkercad. Overall it’s a great program and has a lot of features just waiting to be explored.  There are also paid premium services that allow you to download models from their database.

Here are examples of models people have made in the program.

Screen1-660x412ring.png5ee26099-7d66-452e-ab18-d01560d28812Large BATTLEAXE.png0fd148cf-6b2b-4b94-bf68-4f331bbe84beLarge

It’s free, so give it a try and start creating.


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