123D Creature, look out it’s hungry

Autodesk is cranking out a ton of free excellent software lately. Today we will be reviewing Autodesk 123D Creature. It’s an app that’s only available for iPad and it allows you to create and color any creature or character imaginable.


Honestly, it reminds me of the creature creator from Spore with some added complexity.


Here are some examples of what people have made.

data9f52d3dd-fd0c-44b2-b057-06ab2a49e68eLarge data83d52069-4c62-4152-bad3-56eefce455a4Medium2 dataf6cf7e71-8a8e-46f0-aebc-5d3d4c9aa8c2Medium2 data066a7773-b560-4310-9493-1f2987f8548cMedium2

Characters created in this program can easily be printed in a monochromatic material through an online printing service like Shapeways or on your own 3D printer.

Though I have not attempted it, I also believe it possible to 3D print in color characters made in this app. However, it seems like the process will require special software to convert to the proper file.


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  1. Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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