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The Raft, made from real Deku tree

At this point in the game you are ready for the third dungeon, the Manji. Inside the dungeon you will find the raft, a item that will enable you to cross water and reach new areas. The raft is found in a few other Zelda games but there does not seem to be a connection between rafts from different ages. Making them unique items to their time period. I used the image from game manual and the 8 bit image as inspiration for the 3D version of the raft.

RaftLoZ RaftArtwork


Now I leave you with a video on the top 10 Zelda Bosses.



Magical Boomerang, now with twice the magic for twice the distance!

Now your ready for the second dungeon known as the moon and ready to retrieve the item within. The Magical Boomerang can be thrown all the way to the edge of the game screen!!   As mentioned before, the Boomerang is found in almost all the Zelda games and there does not seem to be much design similarity between boomerangs from different ages. Making them unique items to their time period. I used the image from game manual as inspiration for the 3D version of the Magical Boomerang.





Today’s featured Zelda Fan Art is a full length movie made by fans. It’s called The Hero of Time and follows the story from Ocarina of Time. Enjoy, i know I did!




Boomerang, the non-magical variety

At this point in the game you are still in the first dungeon the Eagle. A Zelda dungeon that contains two items is very rare and the Bow and the Boomerang can be found in this one.  The Boomerang is found in almost all the Zelda games and there does not seem to be much design similarity between boomerangs from different ages. Making them unique items to their time period. I used the image from game manual as inspiration for the 3D version of the Boomerang.



Now it’s time for Triforce of Wisdom Trivia!


The Compass, which way to the next piece of Triforce?

triforce coin

You might think that the compass appears in all the Zelda games. Nope, in fact, five games have no sign of the compass and use other means to include its function. In the original Legend of Zelda, the compass shows where in the dungeon a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom is located. In later games the compass takes on other functions. I designed this compass to closely resemble the 8 bit game image from the original legend of Zelda.

CompassSpriteLoZ _MG_6195_MG_6199

Today I leave you with a video of some recent Zelda Fan Art enjoy!

The Bow, you’ll shoot your eye out!

triforce coin

After gathering various items in the the game, your are finally ready to go to the first dungeon.  Yes, we could have gotten a potion at this point. But, it’s the first dungeon, come on, you can do it! An update on the potions – I have almost completed a unique casting technique to make the bottles. I am just waiting on a special material to arrive to make casting it even easier.

Back to the dungeon – it’s called the Eagle and is located in what seems to be a dead Deku tree.


In its depths you will find one of the most iconic items of the Zelda series, the bow. It appears in almost all the Zelda games. In this timeline it appears in A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening. However, the bow in Link’s Awakening exists in a magical world which is the dream of the Wind Fish, whereas the bow from A Link to the Past looks very much like the game manual image of the bow from the original Legend of Zelda. Is it the same bow?

Bow&ArrowsALttP BowArtworkLoZ

It appears to be. I designed the bow based on this linked history.

_MG_6249 _MG_6478_2 _MG_6463

Stringing the bow is very easy to accomplish. See directions here.

If your still lost on the Zelda Timeline make sure you watch Zelda The Complete Story!

The Arrows, but no bow?

triforce coin

Yes, in the the original Legend of Zelda you will need to purchase arrows before you obtain the bow – that is if you want to use it when you find the bow. The arrow design was based on a combination of the 8 bit and game manual images.

ArrowSpriteLoZ ArrowArtworkLoZarrow

Unlike the other items, the arrows are printed in a plastic and were painted with acrylic paints.

Today we will be viewing the final part of the video series that will explain the entire Zelda timeline! Thanks youtuber EligibleMonster for a great video series.

Master Using It And You Can Have This.


The White Sword

By this time in the Zelda series, the White Sword has been missing for many thousands of years. Its origin comes from the Misnish Cap, the second game in the Zelda timeline. Originally the Picori Blade was reforged into the White Sword and then to the the Four Sword. So did the Four Sword revert somehow back to the white sword and make its way to this part of the timeline?  Here in the original Legend of Zelda it makes its only other known appearance, presented to Link by the old man in a cave.

_MG_6094-2_MG_6089-2 _MG_6091

The inspiration for the design comes mostly from the 8 bit item with a little influence from the game manual.


Today we will be viewing a bonus video by Youtuber Eligible Monster, describing the history of the Master Sword.

Fused Deposition Modeling ………….don’t be scared, it’s just a name.

Today we are going to discuss the most common form of 3D printing.  It should be noted that the Zelda Fan Art Miniatures were not printed using this method.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)- The principle behind this type of 3D printing is more simple than its name. Material usually a type of a plastic is extruded from a heated nozzle. The temperature of the nozzle is computer controlled to allow for even extrusion. The nozzle then moves relative to a platform, this allows the nozzle to draw thin essentially 2D layers of the material one atop another until the object is complete. Because the material exits the nozzle with a liquid like consistency it sticks to the previous layer. The movement of the nozzle and the platform varies depending on the printer, but accomplishes the same result.

The drawing below shows the major parts of this type of 3D printer


1. Heated Nozzle 2. The material being extruded  3. The Platform

The guy in the video below uses a hot glue gun analogy to explain it.

This video shows a time-lapse video of a miniature city scape being printed in the plastic PLA on a Makerbot Replicator 2 using the FDM 3D printing method.

There are limitations to printing with FDM. A model with an overhang that is greater than 45 degrees cannot be printed without a support.


The object on the left can be printed without support the one on the right cannot.

Most 3D printers use the same material for this support, which has to be manually removed after the print is complete.

Here is an example:

This cat was printed with support material. After the print was completed the support material was removed.


Some machines solve this problem by printing the supports in a material that can be removed easily, more about this when we discuss specific materials.

Multiple Nozzles: Some machines are able to print in more than one color or material by adding multiple nozzles to the printer. The maximum number that has been achieved is three.

The RepRap project was founded in 2005 with one goal. Create a 3D printer that is composed of mostly 3D printed parts. Since this was an open source project. Many companies have used the designs to create commercially available printers.  Here is there Tricolour Mendel from RepRapPro. It can print in three colors or materials.

RRP_Colour_Mendel_front_01TriColour_Dice_display_large Traffic_cone_display_large Love_Sculpture_display_large

While there are many materials that can be used in FDM. The most common are two types of plastic.
PLA – Polylactic acid is a biodegradable plastic. The starting ingredient to manufacture this plastic is corn starch, making it a renewable resource. We’ll get into the specifics of how this plastic is made when we discuss printing in PLA

ABS- Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a plastic derived from compounds found in oil (fossil fuels). It is the same plastic Legos are made of. Unlike PLA it is not biodegradable or a renewable resource. It is however more flexible than PLA, making it stronger for applications that require more strength.

We will discuss printing materials in later posts in detail.
FDM printer prices can range from $500 to about $22,000.
We will be discussing specific FDM printers in later posts.

You are new to 3D printing and cannot wait for more posts and you want to buy a 3D Printer right now.
Ok my advice.
1.    Choose a machine that comes assembled, unless you enjoy and have experience assembling complex equipment and calibrating it.
2.    Choose a machine that has only one nozzle. More nozzles more problems.
3.    Choose a printer that prints only in PLA. Why? PLA warps less when printed than ABS. ABS requires a heated platform PLA does not, more on this when we discuss materials.
4.    Choose a machine between $500 and $2500 dollars. Any higher and you are getting ripped off. Any lower be prepared for more maintenance work. Make sure if you buy near the top end of the range, you are getting a printer that is significantly more reliable than the lower end ones. (Check the company’s troubleshooting forums)

There are so many to choose from so do your research!

Join me on Wednesday for a post on another Zelda item.
See you then!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

triforce coin

Sword (Wooden)



I designed this sword to look almost exactly like the 8 bit image. However, I added one detail that gives a clue on what I believe to be its origin.

If you are not a die-hard Zelda fan, what’s below may seem confusing. I have added links to the Zelda Wiki to help you out.

Spoiler Alert on:

Oracle of Ages


Oracle of Seasons



As you can see, a symbol resembling a Deku Leaf appears at the bottom of the sword. Why a Deku Leaf? If you look through the Zelda Timeline for other wooden swords, you will find two. One exists within the downfall timeline and one exists outside of it. One appears in the games Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons (I count this as one sword, you will see why). Remember these two games do not take place in Hyrule but in Labrynna and Holodrum. These two worlds seem to be connected as they share almost all the same items. They also share much of the same basic geography as Hyrule.  However, many believe they are different continents on the same planet as Hyrule.  My theory is different and explains why they share these similarities.  At the beginning of both games Link is teleported to Labrynna or Holodrum by the Triforce. However, if you look at the beginning of both games they are not exactly the same. Let’s just focus on the color of the energy that is used to teleport Link to either land.  In Oracle of Ages, the teleportation energy is blue. In Oracle of Seasons, the teleportation energy is red. The videos are below. Take a minute to take it all in and watch them.

So, in Zelda, what do colors give clues to? The answer is the three goddesses that formed the Triforce. Blue is for Nayru (goddess), red is for Din (goddess), and green for Farore. Interestingly, in The Oracle of Ages you meet a character named Nayru (Oracle) and are teleported to the land of Labrynna with blue energy. In Oracle of Seasons you meet a character named Din (Oracle) and are teleported to the land of Holodrum with red energy. In my theory, Link is sent to two different dimensions – one where Nayru is not a goddess and the other where Din is not a goddess (yet?, ever?). The Triforce does this because the witches known as Twinrova have also traveled to these dimensions to gather power from the two goddesses in their mortal form in order to resurrect Ganon and bring him back to the dimension containing the Triforce. This is revealed in the linked ending of the two games.

What does this have to do with the wooden sword?

As the Oracle games take place in parallel dimensions, it cannot be the same wood sword that appears in the original Legend of Zelda. The appearance is also not similar. However, they do give a clue to the origin of the wooden sword. In Oracle of Seasons you must use the sword to wake the Maku Tree. Are Maku Trees just what they call Deku Trees in these other dimensions? I think so – they are both talking trees! This is another clue that events are taking place in different dimensions.

This means that in the dimension that contains Hyrule the wooden sword is most likely related to the Deku Tree just as in the parallel dimension it is related to the Maku Tree. That combined with the fact they are made of wood is why I placed the Deku Leaf on the end of the sword.

The Deku Tree is dead in the original Legend of Zelda?

He or she’s trunk has been hollowed out and it now serves as an entrance to the Eagle, the first of Ganon’s dungeons.


In this game the wooden sword is a reminder of times past when nature was a controlling part of the world with the Deku Tree at it’s very heart.


FYI the other wooden sword is in Twilight Princess and is not related to the sword in the original Legend of Zelda. But may be a reminder of the Deku Tree as it does not appear in Twilight Princess alive, but most probably as the forest temple.

Nintendo is releasing both games on the 3DS very soon!!!!

You may have noticed, at the top of this post, a 3D printed coin with the Triforce on it. This coin is how I will determine whether the Friday post will be 3D printer related or Zelda related. The coin was printed on a personal 3D printer rather than a professional like the Zelda Fan Art Miniatures.  It was painted with acrylic paint after printing.

3d cointriforce coin

On Monday we will start fresh with another 3D printing post!

It Starts With a Shield…….

Some of you may think the very first Legend of Zelda starts with a sword. Nope! You are in a forest with just a shield when Impa finds you.

_MG_6058_MG_6064 _MG_6065

A very unusual shield I might add. Both of the shields in the original Legend of Zelda contain crosses while no others do. The design for the beginning shield was taken from the game image. Here is Link recreated as 8 bit fan art with the shield.


Notice how the shield is flat on the bottom and beveled on the top. This is why I designed the 3D printed shield as such. This shield is never seen again in any other Zelda games.


Remember at this point in the timeline “the world in in an age of chaos”, the land of Hyrule has been decimated by Ganon’s evil forces. This game also takes place in what is known as the downfall timeline. In the Ocarina of Time Link dies and this timeline is created starting with A Link to the Past.


There is no castle, no village; the few people there all live in caves. This is truly far from the Hyrule of previous ages and other timelines. Hyrule at this time is really in decline. Will it ever rise again in this timeline? Sounds like a great stroy line to me!

Since I post three times a week, you are probably wondering how I will determine if the third post will be Zelda related or 3D printing related.

Stay tuned to find out how we will decide!!