Zelda Fan Art Store

Full Color 3D Printed Zelda Fan Art Miniatures


I have created various sets and singles of Zelda Fan Art (that means unofficial) miniature items.  I have recently completed 3D printing all the items from the original Legend of Zelda in full color. Each piece is my interpretation of the original 8 bit item, I will be blogging about the design concept behind each piece. Each item was designed to fit in the palm of one’s hand. If you enjoy my fan art you can acquire them here at my store (Dah-daahh-dah-daaaaaaah).


Full Color Sandstone


Currently the only commercially available full color 3D printing method is Zcorp’s full color sandstone.  Miniatures printed in this material look awesome and with the ability to print three dimensional objects in 390,000 colors. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. The texture of the material feels like sand and the models are somewhat fragile not toys, think ceramic miniatures. I ordered the entire Legend of Zelda set in one print and all thirty two individual items came in tact and nicely wrapped. I was very impressed with Shapeways’ level of service. If there is a problem with the model, Shapeways will take care of it promptly. In a later post, we will be exploring the details of the Zcorp full color 3D printing process.

Other Materials

Currently I have not printed the fan art miniatures in other materials; however, they can be printed in some of the materials. If you want to print a piece in a specific material that I currently do not have available, please contact me.


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