Arrows are too small to be printed in the Full Color Sandstone material and must be printed in other materials. I printed them in a material call Frosted Ultra Detail.

fud_thumb Frosted Ultra Detail


This material is a little expensive so I suggest the material White Strong and Flexible Plastic.

Painting the arrows.

After receiving your arrows.

You can simply paint them with common acrylic paints.


I used this picture as a coloring guide.

arrow colors

They came out great!!!!

_MG_6429_2 _MG_6429

Stringing the Bow

What you will need.

White Thread

Gel Control Super Glue



1. Gently wrap the thread about ten time around one end of the bow.

2. Do not cut the excess thread

3. Glue a small portion of the excess thread to the thread that is wrapped around the bow.

4. When the glue is dry you may trim the excess thread

5. Repeat for the other side.

It should look like this

_MG_6478_2 _MG_6478


Here are the bow and arrows together.



2 Arrows


4 Arrows


6 Arrows



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