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123D Creature, look out it’s hungry

Autodesk is cranking out a ton of free excellent software lately. Today we will be reviewing Autodesk 123D Creature. It’s an app that’s only available for iPad and it allows you to create and color any creature or character imaginable.


Honestly, it reminds me of the creature creator from Spore with some added complexity.


Here are some examples of what people have made.

data9f52d3dd-fd0c-44b2-b057-06ab2a49e68eLarge data83d52069-4c62-4152-bad3-56eefce455a4Medium2 dataf6cf7e71-8a8e-46f0-aebc-5d3d4c9aa8c2Medium2 data066a7773-b560-4310-9493-1f2987f8548cMedium2

Characters created in this program can easily be printed in a monochromatic material through an online printing service like Shapeways or on your own 3D printer.

Though I have not attempted it, I also believe it possible to 3D print in color characters made in this app. However, it seems like the process will require special software to convert to the proper file.


The Raft, made from real Deku tree

At this point in the game you are ready for the third dungeon, the Manji. Inside the dungeon you will find the raft, a item that will enable you to cross water and reach new areas. The raft is found in a few other Zelda games but there does not seem to be a connection between rafts from different ages. Making them unique items to their time period. I used the image from game manual and the 8 bit image as inspiration for the 3D version of the raft.

RaftLoZ RaftArtwork


Now I leave you with a video on the top 10 Zelda Bosses.


The Orange Rupee, a rupee saved is a rupee earned.

Rupee’s are always changing in the Zelda Timeline from age to age. By the time of The Original Legend of Zelda all but two types of rupees remain. The orange rupee in other timelines is worth 100, but at this time it’s worth a buck. Which begs me to ask the question who cuts the rupees and determines their value? Sounds like that would be a great side plot to explore for future games. The proportions from the 8 bit and game manual image was use to design the orange rupee. Don’t spend it all in one place.

RupeeArtwork OrangeRupee


If you still have not watched Legend of Zelda the Complete Story. Check it out!

123D Design, all hail Autodesk the conqueror

Autodesk has been coming up with some pretty cool free software lately. Today we will be reviewing Autodesk 123D Design.  Remember, Autodesk also purchased Tinkercad and are partners with Makerbot. Did I mention they also own Instructables? Geez, who’s next?  The tools in this program are a little more complicated than Tinkercad. There are more diverse tools and a wider variety of coloring options. However, unlike Tinkercad, this application is not confined to the web – you can run it on your Mac, PC, and Ipad! Though GUI is different depending on what device you’re running it on.


I also find the web interface to be a little slower and buggier than Tinkercad. Overall it’s a great program and has a lot of features just waiting to be explored.  There are also paid premium services that allow you to download models from their database.

Here are examples of models people have made in the program.

Screen1-660x412ring.png5ee26099-7d66-452e-ab18-d01560d28812Large BATTLEAXE.png0fd148cf-6b2b-4b94-bf68-4f331bbe84beLarge

It’s free, so give it a try and start creating.

The Compass, which way to the next piece of Triforce?

triforce coin

You might think that the compass appears in all the Zelda games. Nope, in fact, five games have no sign of the compass and use other means to include its function. In the original Legend of Zelda, the compass shows where in the dungeon a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom is located. In later games the compass takes on other functions. I designed this compass to closely resemble the 8 bit game image from the original legend of Zelda.

CompassSpriteLoZ _MG_6195_MG_6199

Today I leave you with a video of some recent Zelda Fan Art enjoy!

Where is that last Dungeon Key?

While in the first dungeon you will obviously be using keys to open locked doors, in later dungeons the use of them can be critical and sometime that last key is tough to find.  Keys appear in every Zelda game. Though their appearance changes throughout the timeline.

I designed the dungeon key to look exactly like a 3D version of the 8 bit game image. It came out really great!!!



Blue Ring, was 250 rupees now just $10

Blue Ring

It’s time to go get the blue ring. It will cut all damage you take in half. The shop for the blue ring is hidden under an armos.



The blue ring’s origin can be traced back to the games Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. (Read my post about these two games) When Link returned to Hyrule after his adventures in Holodrum and Labrynna, he must have brought the blue ring with him. Before he set off on his ship in Link’s Awakening, he must have left the ring in Hyrule. It was lost in time until it ended up being found in the original Legend of Zelda. Inspiration for the miniature came from both the 8 bit image and the game manual.

_MG_6110_MG_6116 _MG_6121

BlueRingLoZ Blue_Ring

In one picture the band is blue while in the other gold, so I combined them. The game manual image has two colors in the gem, so I swirled them together to visualize the power of the blue ring.

The Arrows, but no bow?

triforce coin

Yes, in the the original Legend of Zelda you will need to purchase arrows before you obtain the bow – that is if you want to use it when you find the bow. The arrow design was based on a combination of the 8 bit and game manual images.

ArrowSpriteLoZ ArrowArtworkLoZarrow

Unlike the other items, the arrows are printed in a plastic and were painted with acrylic paints.

Today we will be viewing the final part of the video series that will explain the entire Zelda timeline! Thanks youtuber EligibleMonster for a great video series.

The Magical Clock, make time stand still

The Magical Clock stops time for all enemies on the screen, however it is so much more. While it never makes an appearance in any other game. It foreshadows a theme that will become very important in the Zelda game series – time. The clock design was based on a combination of the 8 bit and game manual images. I placed extra support around the winding stem, to ensure it would not break. It should be noted that the clock is also mentioned in The Shadow Prince, a 1992 choose your own adventure book based on the Legend of Zelda.

_MG_6055ClockSprite ClockLoZ

If you have been reading my blog or keeping up with Zelda you know that time alteration and multiple parallel timelines are part of the story now . While according to the creators this was not the original plan, I’m glad it ended up being this way. Why? Because time travel could actually exist, not to mention parallel universes. Don’t believe me? Meet Dr. Michio Kaku – he is a theoretical physicist and professor at the City College of New York.

So just remember we might be living in a story containing multiple timelines as well.


The Magical Shield, Comes With Protection From Fire And Magic!!!

triforce coin

At this point in the game your ready to buy a magical shield.  This shield can protect Link against fireball and magic attacks. This shield also appears in The Adventures of Link as the only shield.

_MG_6363-2_MG_6365 _MG_6370

I designed the shield to resemble a combination of the 8 bit image and the game manual. I went with a red cross as all the art from the time also depicts the shield in this manner.

MagicalShieldArtwork MagicalShield    Link_(Underworld_Connections)

Be careful with your Magical Shield we do not offer Like-Like theft insurance!

LikeLike_Thumb LikeLike3

Today I leave you with one of my favorite fan art videos, The Legend of Zelda: Real Life.